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With a competent and well-connected partner on the side, corporate financings succeed in a secure and sustainable manner. Especially in times of volatile markets, this is essential, so that risk and return remain in a healthy balance. Use our network built up over decades to finance your entrepreneurial projects. On request we take over the project management. Again, we have many years of experience and a considerable track record.

Below please find our current projects:

Cinema production TIGER

“Sensitive, emotional and combative”, these are the attributes that describe the planned German-Polish co-production of  TIGER, a cine film about the Polish boxing legend
Dariusz Michalczewski – “DAREK” TIGER Michalczewski.

As a genre cinema, TIGER contains all the emotional elements of a modern biopic. 
Between church and married life, the boxing ring and the dazzling world of the Hamburg Red Light Disctrict – the story of Dariusz Michalczewski has aroused emotions and controversy for many years.
For an authentic and touching movie experience, Dariusz gave scriptwriters exclusive insights into his personal life.

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Project Electro Mobility

Not only since the Fridays for Future movement has the demand for eco-friendly renewable energies come into the focus of politics and science.
Especially with regard to electric mobility, German politics has a lot of catching up to do and should act quickly if greenhouse gas emissions are to be drastically reduced by 2030.
But where should we take all the energy from? Even if we only use electricity from renewable energy sources, battery waste and the manufacture of electricity charging stations continue to pollute the environment.

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Project Real Estate Coin

We have been looking for an effective solution to make first-class and high-quality real estate more accessible, profitable and therefore more interesting for investors and buyers.
The basic idea of our financing idea for real estate consists of the unique combination of crowdfunding and our own crypto currency – The REAL ESTATE COIN.

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Project Family Webshop

Our partner is specialized in the e-commerce sector.
The focus lies on young families. Besides electronic, toys, layettes and baby toys, they also other cosmetics, dietary supplements, clothes and household goods. The products are placed in the online shop in a very colorful and well-arranged layout.
Differently from other known platforms, the shop principally offers goods in the middle price range and also high-quality products for the daily use and is very useful for the Sunday afternoon family shopping from the couch.

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Project Early Diagnosis Dementia

Dementia, also known as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by a cognitive decline with memory loss.
As a matter of fact, the disease begins 10 to 15 years before the onset of the first clinical symptoms. This project starts with its unique process right here.
Even in the early phase, the pathological processes are compensated over a longer period by compensatory mechanisms in the central nervous system. Our partner has developed a safe and cost-saving method for early detection of the disease by identifying certain biomarkers in the blood.

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Project Biomass Plant

The use of energy is one of the most basic needs of man. Unfortunately, commercial energy production has still been and continues to be radically driven without thinking about the consequences for humans or the environment. But slowly there is a rethinking. Nowadays, one increasingly searches for new alternative sources of energy. Ultimately, politics is also called upon to act.
The biomass plant is absolutely in line with the growing spirit of the times – the transformation of organic biomass to energy.

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Project Electric Recharging Station

Our partner has made it his mission to intervene massively in the charging station market and to improve the often desolate cargo infrastructure in Germany. At present, 95% of the charging stations in Germany are equipped with only 50 KW powerful devices. Charging 100KW batteries takes more than 2 hours, which is not practical for many companies.
Our partner has found a solution for this issue: Corresponding charging stations with at least 200 KW power, so that the charging of 100 KW batteries takes a maximum of 30 minutes. By 2020, 70,000 public charging points and 7,100 quick charging stations will be required in Germany.

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Project P-Particles: The Revolution of Energy Generation

Our partner has been working for more than 10 years on an eco-friendly solution that uses invisible cosmic rays as a source of energy and has the potential to revolutionize the existing energy supply system and secure the world’s energy future. The smooth functioning of the technology has already been confirmed notarially. Now it’s time to get funding to help mass-produce small electrical appliance technology and invest in other areas of product development.

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Project of the Heart: Panda Coffee

Panda Coffee is a social business dedicated to generating money that can be used on a humanitarian, species conservation and environmental level by selling high quality, fairly traded and gently roasted specialty coffee and recycled waste products throughout the entire production chain. When selecting their coffee farmers, Panda Coffee attaches great importance to the sustainable and gentle production of the luxury good coffee, which is why it is imperative that the people who are part of the value chain, not only be fairly paid, but are supported in a carefree and fulfilling life respectively.

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Project Crypto Bank: Connection of the crypto-currency with a normal bank

This innovative company wants to combine the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with the reliability and capabilities of a normal bank. As early as 2014, this project was started with the help of well-known programming and banking experts. The founders recognized very early on the possibilities offered by cryptocurrency and blockchain. The bank, which will be established in 2019, and the cryptocurrency that it has implemented, will quickly establish itself through the cash back system and its easy availability and usability, making it the largest crypto bank in the world.

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Project Machining: US Market Expansion

The worldwide supply of leading industrial companies with highly complex workpieces of e.g. titanium, tungsten, aluminum and steel, i.a. in the energy, medical, semiconductor, and aerospace industries are the métier of this company. Own development, production, processing and logistics, as well as customer satisfaction are the top credo of more than 180 employees. Now the company wants to conquer the US market and expand. Collaboration with well-known companies such as Bombardier, Siemens, Rolls-Royce, Zeiss and Bugatti guarantees an increase in orders.

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Project Endoprosthetics

This company manufactures endoprostheses and is particularly dedicated to revision implants. This long neglected market promises a big increase and profit due to the increasing life expectancy. The company has recognized the possibilities of revision implants early and can already demonstrate years of experience in this field. In order to ensure and expand the progress of marketing and the further development of other innovative products, additional capital is needed.

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Project Offshore Wind Farm

Wind energy and solar energy are the future of power supply. Especially in times of environmental pollution and species extinction, these alternatives to power generation are becoming increasingly important. The presented company has been producing sustainable electricity reliably for 2 years now. In order to promote this good development, investors are sought who are offered two investment opportunities. It requires 135 million euros of capital to be financed either through a long-term loan or through shareholding.

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Project Spherical Motor: The better alternative

Over the years, the original goal of using innovative mechanical kinematics to create a more powerful, simpler and more cost-effective mobility drive engine has been toughened up by new emissions standards and an increasing hype surrounding the electric drive. Therefore the company was repeatedly put to the test and had to reformulate its objectives. The road was rocky and the development speed was limited by financial bottlenecks several times. Nonetheless, the project is now at a point where the existing level of development can be put into practice to prove its superiority over the current state of the art.

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Project Real Estate in Duisburg: The new city quarter

Located directly on the Rhine, a 4-hectare city district is to be built in Duisburg. On five plots, more than 20,000 m² of living space and 10,000 m² of commercial space are to be built. We are looking for investors who want to participate personally or through fronting in the project. Duisburg offers many cultural and recreational opportunities and established itself as an indispensable metropolis in the Ruhr area. A big startup scene and many established companies offer the opportunity to grow or change professionally.

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Project Micro Apartments: StudyAparts - Attractive student apartments

On more than 6300 m², 420 micro apartments are to be built in the north of Berlin. Directly located, the future residents can shop, participate in the Berlin life or just go to study. The fact that the necessary building and demolition permits were already granted, the construction could begin soon. The project management is in experienced hands, who have already participated in the construction of the Waldorf Astoria or the F1 race track in Bahrain.

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Project Prototype Production: Support through the entire production process

Often, it is appropriate that the prototype of a tool, e.g. must be produced in pre-series or a sample component. Large suppliers can not or do not want to implement such a production quickly and at a good price-performance ratio. Flexibility and capacities for the production of original models or very small series are not lucrative and interesting for these companies, or they are too time-consuming. This gap is being met by a leading manufacturer of prototypes. When it comes to sample parts, prototypes or very small series, the company is the first address. Sophisticated technologies and innovative ideas, as well as a highly qualified team ensure the perfect realization within shortest time.

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Earth Resource: Environmentally friendly treatment of oil sludge

The extraction of crude oil and the processing of petroleum produce large quantities of oil-containing wastewater. This so-called oil sludge is collected in artificially created basins or larger deep wells in the open air, in so-called oil lagoons. The stored oil sludge is an ecological problem, but can also be used as a source of raw materials. Because it contains a high proportion of crude oil (up to 60 percent). The NRG AG Earth Resource wants to recover as much of the valuable crude oil as possible and to recycle and dispose of the remains of the oil sludge. A task that contributes to environmental protection and at the same time promises attractive chances of profits.

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Project Triebwerk-Motors: Production of an exclusive sports car

The Triebwerk-Motors project is about founding an exclusive German sports car brand. Developed and produced will be a super sports car in a strictly limited small series. The brand name “Triebwerk” emphasizes the German origin, which represents an absolute quality award in the international automotive industry. The brand stands for the art and value of high-performance automotive engineering. The engine logo symbolizes precision, dynamics and emotion and plays with the association with the high-performance jet engines of aviation. The production of the sports car will start in 2018. Investors can expect an excellent return.

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Project Automobile Club: luxury car sharing

The fascination of luxury car brands is unbroken. Everyone wishes to own a Bentley, Rolls-Royce or even Ferrari vehicle. This desire should be fulfilled by a club system in the simplest way possible. The member pays a self-selected annual fee for the automobile club, through which it collects points. Based on these points then the corresponding vehicles can be borrowed. The Automobile Club wants to expand its membership base in the future and win many new members.

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Project Yacht

The company specialized in the construction of superyachts more than 40 years ago. Later, segments such as brokerage, charter yachts and yacht management were added. In yacht management, the company handles all administrative and service activities related to the yacht. Now the product portfolio is to be extended by a 36m luxury yacht. In order to realize the project, 2.2 million euros are needed for the construction of the charter yacht. In the long term, an entire charter yacht fleet will be available.

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Project Computer / IT: Achieving goals with experience

The company involved in this project works in the field of computer / IT. All services are offered for private as well as business purposes. The development of new business ideas is just as important as IT consulting and support, ensuring data security and web hosting, as well as web design. A high number of existing customers ensures a stable order situation. A broad range of offerings and various maintenance and support contracts, hosting contracts as well as cloud computing ensure long-term customer loyalty. Due to illness-related conversion, the operative business is now to be completely taken over, continued and expanded by an experienced long-term employee.

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Project Gold Extraction: Environmentally friendly and fairly traded crude gold

The company wants to buy and sell fairly traded raw gold in the Central African Republic directly from the gold prospector. This should ensure people a fair and steady livelihood. The gold can be obtained mainly environmentally friendly, as it is washed by rivers from the sediment and the gold miners then sift it out. The gold is extracted in different forms, sometimes as dust, sometimes as small nuggets from the workers. In a short, direct and transparent way, the raw gold should then be resold. In order to facilitate the establishment of the company in the Central African Republic, there should be a foundation of a club in Bangui, whereby the local elite and the high number of resident foreigners can become potential partners and customers.

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Project Gold-Money: Intelligent asset protection

Paying with gold to re-value the currency and goods you buy or simply investing in the safest asset in the world is what this company offers. Gold should of course be used as a means of exchange and payment for goods and services, but also as a gift or investment. The company already exists since 2011 and was able to permanently expand its reach, its name recognition and its customer base. 460,000 partners worldwide show the possibilities that the idea of ​​gold money brings with it. Already now you can pay with gold money in many places and it is a welcome and secure means of payment.

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Project Dental Dentistry: The chain store among dentists

Healthy and beautiful teeth should not be a matter of luck. A recently founded medical practice association dedicated to this topic is focusing on the highly profitable dental industry. Return on sales of 30% with average sales volumes of 750,000 euros are not uncommon. A change in law in August 2015 cleared the way in Germany for the use of MVZ structures (medical care centers in the form of a GmbH) in the dental field, with the restriction that only dental practitioners can be shareholders in a dental MVZ. The goal is to expand the practice network to 100 practices and 100 million sales by the end of 2021, with a return of 25%. The company is currently the market leader in Germany with 11 practices.

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Project BEWEI Lounge: The body concept for a younger look and a slimmer figure

The BEWEI body concept has been successfully implemented at 180 locations for 10 years and is considered a highly profitable health center. Leading hotels and ships like the MS Europa, doctors and high quality SPA’s work with BEWEI. One lies in a comfortable couch, relaxing and electromagnetic waves stimulate the metabolism. The effect is holistic, you can feel the effect within the entire body and even on the face. Everything looks much firmer and thus enormously rejuvenated. Activation of the own internal forces by radio frequencies, in addition nutrition and movement in balance. These three components lead to the desired success.

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Project Meat Production: Guaranteed according to Halal regulations

This company wants to produce halal sausage and meat products. The manufacturing process is guaranteed to run according to the Halal regulations and conquer the Muslim market within the DACH region, France and Benelux. The existing customer base has declared by letter of intent to accept a meat and sausage amount of 200 tons per month. In the long term, the company wants to increase its production to around 600-800 tons of Halal meat per month and expand its customer base. Markets in the UK and the Middle East are to be expanded.

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Project Water Ionizer: For the sake of health

Through diet and a fast-paced lifestyle, the human body tends to over-acidify. This not only affects human health but can also have a negative impact on quality of life. In addition, chemical disinfection may cause resistance to some products. A water ionizer helps to counteract these problems. It can help to raise people’s quality of life and to do something good in a gentle, environmentally friendly and harmless way.

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Power Tools: High performance tools for professionals

This financing project is about a company which manufactures professional tools, as well as components for agriculture, transport e.g. machines. Due to heavy use, many tools only have a short life. Our manufacturer serves the consumer goods sector as well as the industrial market and supplies high quality devices that withstand professional demands. In addition, the company can meet a high demand and new areas in the steel parts sector. Sales go far beyond the European borders. Even well-known manufacturers have their equipment produced by the company and then sell it under their own name.

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Project: Aquaculture

The field of activity of this company is the mediation of technologically innovative water cycle systems for indoor aquaculture of all sizes including the consultation for planning, construction and operation.
The aim is to sell approximately 14 turnkey recycling plants for breeding the zander and 12 for the shrimp farm from 2018/2019. With these systems, a contractually integrated sales concept aims to achieve an excellent market position as a plant planner for the noble fish zander with up to approx. 25% shares in this market segment. In order to realize this goal, a model plant with approx. 250 tons annual production is to be set up first.

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Project FoodOutlet24: Against food waste

Among other things, wants to save fruits and vegetables with optical defects, but also seasonal product overhangs and food from overproduction from destruction and make them available to the consumer. Well-known partners can resell their goods in this way and save them from the waste. In an online shop or in the physical store, the buyer can choose his “rescued” food and either pick it up or have it delivered. It will actively counteract food waste and raise awareness that food must be valued and is not a disposable item. The offer will include both food and non-food.

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